On this episode of True North TV, our CEO Iain Klugman had the opportunity to interview Tim Bray (our first guest who joined us from a boat!), a Canadian whose pioneering work in the field of internet search made him a rockstar in the software development world.

Recently, Tim made international headlines when he quit a well-paying job at Amazon over the company’s treatment of workplace whistleblowers – and published a blog post about it on his way out. #TechForGood is more than a mantra for Tim, but you’ll have to tune in to find out why.

More on Tim Bray: Tim’s storied career has roots in and around the Waterloo Region tech community. He studied math and computer science at the University of Guelph and went on to work on a University of Waterloo project to digitize the Oxford English Dictionary and make it searchable, which led him to co-found OpenText in Waterloo in 1989. OpenText, now a global software giant, commercialized one of the first internet search engines in 1995. Tim also led Waterloo Maple, a mathematics software company, before going on to roles at Netscape, Sun Microsystems, Google and, most recently, Amazon. On top of it all, Tim also found time for environmental activism, which got him arrested in 2018 during a protest of B.C.’s Trans Mountain Pipeline.