You might not recognize the name of our #TrueNorthTV guest on September 22, but that’s kind of the point. The voices of Black, Indigenous and People of Colour—or BIPOC—are not heard often enough in our communities. Tyra Jones-Hurst is out to change that with the launch of I Said What I Said, period, a new storytelling platform that aims to amplify BIPOC voices.

Jones-Hurst is no stranger to sharing stories. Her family history in Canada stretches back 12 generations in the Maritimes, where her family has distinguished themselves for their service to Canada and to Nova Scotia’s Black community. This episode is brought to you by @TD_Canada. More about Tyra: Tyra Jones-Hurst is a marketing professional who lives, works and blogs from Toronto, Ontario. Beyond her professional career, she has a deep passion for the advancement of her community and a genuine love for the arts and communication.

As a communicator and singer, she understands the power of words and their delivery. Through her passion project, I Said What I Said, period, Tyra hopes to help globally transform the perception of BIPOC communities, making space for the beautiful souls, stories and vibes we so effortlessly embody. #TrueNorthTV #TechForGood