Intellijoint Surgical, a Canadian-based medtech company that develops and commercializes surgical navigation for total joint replacements, announced Thursday that its flagship product, Intellijoint HIP, has achieved a major milestone of use in 10,000 total hip replacements.

In 2016, Intellijoint HIP was commercialized in select cities in the United States through a limited market release. Since launch, Intellijoint HIP’s markets have expanded to multiple cities across the U.S. and Canada, and all of Australia and New Zealand. Through rapid adoption from some of the top orthopedic institutions in the world, Intellijoint HIP has achieved this major milestone quickly with a relatively small geographic footprint.

Intellijoint HIP is a surgeon-controlled smart navigation system. It provides real-time, intraoperative measurements for accurate, fast, and easy implant alignment for cup position, leg length and offset. It is an open-platform system that is suitable for primary and revision total hip replacement, and is compatible with all major surgical approaches. Intellijoint HIP has a short learning curve of three to five cases and adds less than three minutes to operating room time. Over a dozen peer-reviewed clinical studies have been published supporting the efficacy and accuracy of Intellijoint HIP.

Claudette Lajam, MD and board-certified orthopedic surgeon, completed the 10,000th case using Intellijoint HIP at the NYU Langone Orthopedic Hospital in New York City.

“I have always been eager to employ technologies that can enhance the accuracy of total joint replacements and improve outcomes for my patients,” said Dr. Lajam. “Intellijoint HIP was easily integrated into my existing surgical workflow. Seeing the anteversion and inclination measurements during acetabular positioning allows me to deliver reproduceable results. This brings confidence to myself and. more importantly, my patients.”

Dr. Lajam is an Associate Professor, Department of Orthopedic Surgery at NYU Langone Health, is practiced in all total hip replacement approaches and specializes in minimally invasive total joint surgery.

“Intellijoint HIP’s exponential case volume growth year after year shows that we have created a new generation of navigation that surgeons want to use,” said Armen Bakirtzian, CEO & co-founder of Intellijoint Surgical. “Intellijoint HIP was designed to overcome the challenges of traditional navigation and robotics like size, cost, and complexity, while still providing highly accurate measurements for implant positioning that so many surgeons value.”

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