Structur3d is proud to announce its new Inj3ctor System for desktop injection molding.

Since 2014, Structur3d has been selling additive manufacturing solutions for rubber materials, beginning with the Discov3ry Extruder. Through customer feedback and collaboration with Ultimaker, the company expanded its offerings to include pre-integrated printer systems: the Discov3ry Complete and Discov3ry 2- part Complete.

In order to advance the capabilities of additive manufacturing further, the company developed the new Inj3ctor System, which is designed for turnkey, small-scale manufacturing. The operation of the Inj3ctor System is simple: 1) Design your mold 2) 3D print your mold 3) Inject your mold using the Inj3ctor 4) Release the finished product from the mold.

This procedure leverages all the advantages of 3D printing and pairs them with a simple-to-use system for working with factory-grade rubber materials, like silicones and polyurethanes. Additionally, the Inj3ctor System will include pre-filled cartridges for quick access to materials.

Structur3d is partnering with major materials companies, including Elkem and Chromatic3D Materials, to provide a standard selection of materials to customers. The company will also continue to provide empty cartridges for use with custom materials.

“We worked closely with customers like STANLEY Black and Decker to fully understand the issues they were facing for rubber items requiring small-scale manufacturing. Existing technologies were not adequate to solve these issues, and we developed the Inj3ctor System to fill that gap,” says Charles Mire, CEO and co-founder, Structur3d.

Communitech is a partner of Startup HERE Toronto.  This article originally appeared on their site.