Trusscore, the material science company that makes sustainable, improved alternatives for drywall, plasterboard, and fiber-reinforced plastic panels, today announced an exclusive partnership with do-it-yourself renovation TV stars Bryan and Sarah Baeumler.

The Baeumlers, a husband-and-wife team who have been featured on HGTV for more than a decade and currently star in the hit HGTV show Island of Bryan (in Canada) and Renovation Island (in the U.S.) will serve as brand ambassadors showcasing Trusscore’s products to homeowners, contractors and, architects.

“Trusscore’s products are going to revolutionize the building trades,”said Bryan Baeumler. “Trusscore Wall&CeilingBoard is durable, cost effective, and fast and easy to work with. And the finished appearance is simply gorgeous. We’re delighted to be working with them.”

Trusscore, headquartered in Palmerston, Ont., makes building products that combine sustainable materials with nanotechnology, including a drywall replacement that is clean, easy to install, and long-lasting. Applications include home garages, workshops, and commercial projects, including hospitality venues, restaurants, offices – any facility or room that requires a crisp, clean finish.

“Trusscore is honored to be partnered with Bryan and Sarah and we look forward to seeing how our products make a difference in their projects,” said Trusscore CEO Dave Caputo. “Bryan’s pragmatic approach to every building problem and Sarah’s eye for high-functioning design is a natural fit for Trusscore.”

Bryan Baeumler is a veteran contractor who has entertained viewers on hit shows like House of Bryan, Disaster DIY, Leave it to Bryan, and Bryan Inc. Sarah Baeumler is an acclaimed decorator and interior designer.

Their current show, Renovation Island (Island of Bryan in Canada), is set in the Bahamas on Andros Island and follows their epic decision to uproot their lives in Milton, Ont., in order to renovate and restore an abandoned tourist resort. When the show first aired on HGTV in Canada, the leading four episodes were the most watched of any program on the network in more than 10 years.

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