On April 11, iNovia announced Patrick Pichette, who left Google in 2015, and Dennis Kavelman, who worked at BlackBerry until 2010, were joining the firm as partners as the firm began to shift focus into growth capital.

CVCA CEO, Mike Woollatt, discusses the recent iNovia Capital announcement about the firm’s global expansion and the addition of two new general partners.

In the first part of this four part video series, the iNovia partners discuss what the announcement means in the evolution of iNovia Capital and Dennis Kavelman shares his experience in Canadian innovation.

In part two, Patrick Pichette discusses his past work with Google and what he is looking forward to accomplishing at iNovia.

In the following video, iNovia Capital partners address the criticism the firm received after making the announcement about the new partner additions.

In the final segment of our CEO Sessions series premiere, iNovia explains what the firm intends to accomplish over the next decade.