The Fashion Zone's graduate and now one of the six Joe Fresh Innovators, House of Formen is the globe’s first professional male cosmetic house. We sat down with their Founder, Andrew Grella to chat about male's fashion and beauty:

FZ: What are your thoughts on men's beauty? How has it changed within the past 10 years?

A: Changed completely. We have seen an introduction of hundreds of new products. Things that were not there 10 years ago are now available on retail shelves. In specific areas like India, P&G is recording year after year of increased demand for their basic male centric products. Overall there is increased demand that needs to be met.

FZ: What are the men's beauty & skin care trends right now? Have you noticed any differences from country to country?

A: The trends are more mass marketing approached. Brands have basic products and are trying to appeal to an everyday consumer – one who isn't a skin buff or is highly educated on the products in the segment. Lower priced goods that appeal to all are strong trends, where the niche and novel brands find successes in their market. Different areas of the globe approach product targeting in different ways. In South Korea, the drive for skincare and male cosmetics are high, where as in places like the USA certain products need to be marketed in different ways to get it out the door.

FZ: What would be your words of advice to fashion entrepreneurs who are just starting out?

A: Do it! Make yourself a website and go at it. Use a platform thats tested and that people love (i.e wordpress, shopify, squarespace). You'll be amazed at what you can do in a few hours.

Andrew is a Ryerson alumni and launched his first company, Man Up Products Inc. in 2010. With TV appearances and public speaking engagements that put him in front of millions, Andrew sought to tackle the professional side of grooming. He says, “I wanted to create products that work on camera and behind the scenes but can transition for everyday applications. They had to work in professional environments and they had to be undetectable for everyday users.”

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