The Minister of Science, Kirsty Duncan, today announced more than $48 million in federal funding for 76 research teams across the country – through the Natural Sciences and Engineering Council's (NSERC) Strategic Partnership Grants. Together, discovery and innovation help create clean jobs, grow our economy, and protect our environment.

The announcement was made at Ryerson University, where one of this year's recipients – a team led by Dr. Bala Venkatesh – is making it easier and cleaner to store energy. Dr. Venkatesh's team of 27 researchers is part of the NSERC Energy Storage Technology Network (NEST), and will use its $5 million investment to create more reliable, environmentally responsible, and efficient technologies for storing energy – an essential technology for the global transition to clean energy.

These partnerships demonstrate the rich diversity of Canada's research and innovation ecosystem. Through initiatives like these, knowledge is being translated into practical applications to improve our wealth, wellness and well-being. Before making the announcement, Minister Duncan also had the opportunity to meet with researchers and was given a tour of the NEST facilities.