Author: Ben Yoskovitz

We’ve worked for a couple of years with AB InBev on a number of projects. This summer, the ZxLerator internal accelerator that first launched in 2016 is running its third cohort. It’s been exciting to participate in their exploration of new ideas, markets and models for innovation.

Today we get to share something new that we’re working on:

The AB InBev 100+ Sustainability Accelerator is officially launching and accepting applications.

The 100+ Accelerator is in direct response to the company’s 2025 sustainability goals. AB InBev believes in tackling opportunities by seeking out the best talent and innovations out there – and today’s global sustainability challenges are no exception.

The global landscape of startups is a perfect place to find solutions to the company’s commitments to water stewardship, smart agriculture, circular packaging and climate action goals.

Specifically, AB InBev has crafted 10 challenges that you can see on the accelerator website (framed as “Requests for Startups”) to attract the innovators that will benefit from AB InBev’s resources, experience and global reach to speed their progress and scale.

Working with big corporates is often a challenge for smaller companies.

We’re looking to solve that so that startups can quickly benefit from the incredible resources and expertise at AB InBev.

We’ve been working with AB InBev to design and run the accelerator program. A key focus of 100+ is to help startups quickly engage in successful pilots with AB InBev.

Every corporate accelerator program is a little bit different. You need to bring forward a meaningful value proposition to startups (including corporate pilot/customer opportunities, capital, mentors/domain expertise, access to new markets, quality programming and more) and find the right mix of many elements. I believe 100+ Accelerator is going to do all of that and deliver amazing results for the startups that participate and AB InBev.

Highline BETA will be supporting AB InBev and the 100+ Accelerator team as the accelerator goes through the application and selection process. We’ll be there to mentor startups, provide programming and support, bring in the right mentors, investors and partners, and help make 100+ Accelerator a success.

Our goal? Ensure that startups win, AB InBev wins, and so does the planet.

I’m excited to see the startups that apply. We’re going to have the chance to work with startups from around the globe on an incredibly diverse set of issues, from safer and greener logistics to responsible sourcing to water preservation to recycling.

If you’re a startup in the sustainability space (particularly related to any of the 10 challenges), please apply for the program.

If you’d like to learn more in general about the program, let me know. I’m happy to share more and connect you to the 100+ Accelerator team.