AngelList Syndicates provide us with a flexible funding vehicle that will help us drive towards startup co-creation faster, and provide our newly co-created startups with the right pre-seed capital to get going. We've seen syndicates work effectively in the United States and look forward to making them a success in Canada too!

What is an AngelList Syndicate?

From the AngelList website: “A syndicate is a VC fund created to make a single investment. They are led by experienced technology investors, and financed by institutional investors and sophisticated angels.” Oftentimes, people who run syndicates launch a “fund” on AngelList, where they encourage backers to pledge support and future investments in syndicates. That's exactly what Highline BETA is doing.

Investing with Highline BETA

You can commit your support to Highline BETA's “fund” by pledging to invest in our syndicates when they go live on the AngelList platform. We're aiming to make 4 investments of $25,000 minimum per deal. Syndicate investors will be asked for $10,000 commitments.

We're thrilled to have the opportunity to work with AngelList on bringing syndicates to Canada.

Invest with Highline BETA