At Highline BETA we believe that a key way to drive startup success is through partnerships with corporate leaders. Our mission is to unlock the assets locked up inside big companies (think: ideas, industry expertise, customers, distribution, capital), and combine them with the assets of startups (think: speed, ability to take risk, new technology) to create winning conditions for everyone. Big companies get access to startup innovation, and startups get access to critical accelerants that help them win.

In the spirit of that mission, we’ve partnered with Cookhouse Lab, a new open innovation space in Toronto dedicated to InsurTech and the insurance industry.

It’s the first of its kind in the world — bringing together the biggest global insurance companies, technologists, academics, entrepreneurs and more to work on new problems and challenges. Cookhouse Lab is a joint venture of LOGiQ3 Group (a leading insurance and reinsurance outsourcing and consulting firm) and msg global (a global product-based systems integrator serving insurers and reinsurers.) These guys know the insurance industry inside out, and they know it’s ripe for innovation, disruption and growth.

Highline BETA will provide Cookhouse Lab and its corporate partners with a conduit into the startup ecosystem. We’ll be looking for kick ass InsurTech startups and entrepreneurs to bring into the space and work with the corporate partners. The insurance industry is behind the times (compared to what’s happening in FinTech overall), but we think that’s going to change. We’re bullish on the opportunities in insurance, and have made it one of our key areas of focus.

With Cookhouse Lab and the insurance companies there, we’ll be able to bridge the gaps between big companies and startups, and bring InsurTech innovation to life.