What is it like to be a founder? Find out on August 21st, at ICUBE Founder’s Roundtable event. (Register here)

During these exciting two hours you will be part of a peer exchange session in which experience and insight into the world of entrepreneurship will be discussed. You will have the opportunity to hear stories from successful entrepreneurs as well as share your own challenges and opportunities that came along the way of building your own business venture.

Special guests Khaled Iwamura and Ashley Newport will be there to kick off the conversation and share their own experiences! These two individuals have much experience and expertise in the art of running a business, here’s a little more about them:

Who is Khaled Iwamura?

Khaled Iwamura is the founder of Quickbite News that consists of Insauga.com, Inbrampton.com, and Inhalton.com, which have become some of the biggest city websites in Canada and enjoys the largest social media following in the western GTA. He is also TEDx Speaker, Tokyo Tourism Spokesperson, TV host and producer and part-time pro wrestler.

Insauga.com, inbrampton.com and inhalton.com combined have 1,100,000 unique visitors per month, 3.1 million page views per month, 750,000 video views per month and has the biggest social media following in the western GTA with well over 100,000 followers.

He sits on the Board of Directors of The Living Arts Centre, Legends Row and Japan Festival Canada.

Get to meet Khaled in person on August 21st! Register for the event here.

Who is Ashley Newport?

Ashley Newport is a senior editor with QuickBite News (insauga.com inbrampton.com inhalton.com) who can write about pretty much anything, but has a particular fondness for food, restaurants and real estate.

Ashley graduated from York University with a degree in Professional Writing in 2007 before going on to study Print Journalism at Sheridan College. She has written for publications specializing in a range of subjects, including healthcare, restaurants, hotels, furniture and lifestyle news.

Come find out more about the story of QuickBite News from it’s own founder and staff, learn the story, challenges and opportunities that presented themselves as the business was growing. Register here and see you on August 21st!