BeeLeaf: A Greener Tomorrow
Jaywhy Kim, Thomas Kim, Sam Chaaya, Greg Moung Geon Choi

The global climate strike of 2019 demonstrated that there is a shared awareness and desire to reverse the effects on climate change. How can technology be used to harness this desire for measureable improvements? What if there was a way to seamlessly quantify the environmental impact of our consumption? How can we incentivize people to make more sustainable choices? BeeLeaf utilizes emerging and existing technology to empower users to see the impact of their everyday consumption to encourage and reward greener choices.

We understand that while people want to make and support green initiatives it can be hard to find the time to research available options and alternatives. BeeLeaf makes this easy and seamless for its users by analyzing the metadata from their day-to-day transactions from linked banking/credit accounts.

With the emergence of 5G technology, banking/purchase can be embedded with additional metadata such as the individual purchase lines of each transaction, tracked all the way to the source. BeeLeaf’s access to this information allows it to provide greater context to each transaction’s environmental impact through analysis of pre-existing data sets on related environmental statistics such as industrial waste by-products from a cotton t-shirt.

Machine Learning allows BeeLeaf to provide its users with targeted recommendations based on their transactional record. BeeLeaf’s User Experience was designed to be enhanced as Artificial Intelligence technology becomes more refined. The 5G speeds will allow Artificial Intelligence to be applied through an individualized ranking system and individualized standards because a mother of six is going to have different consumption patterns than a 20-year-old college student. AI technology will also allow BeeLeaf to anticipate its users’ behaviors to make specific recommendations targeted to their interests (determined by spend history) as well as predictions based on past user behaviors.

BeeLeaf highlights the importance of utilizing emerging technology for forward thinking solutions, such as the implementation of Blockchain for logistics that allow for better tracking of materials in a production supply chain. 5G network can allow for this extensive data to be embedded into commercial and individual transactional receipts.

We only have 24 hours in a day. Sometimes the bad decisions seem like the only option or the only convenient option. BeeLeaf believes that by leveraging data and informing its users that we can change what is perceived to be convenient. A green lifestyle doesn’t need to be a new lifestyle or a different lifestyle for individuals. It’s about improving our decision making through technologically enhanced tools in an ever more connected world.