This year, DesignTO partnered with OCAD University’s Design4 program to create look and feel of the festival’s 10th Anniversary. Working closely with DesignTO and visual communications agency aftermodern.lab, this year’s refreshed look and feel builds on the existing DesignTO aesthetic, but with a fresh point of view. Design4 introduces principles of experiential learning into the realm of paid professional opportunities for Faculty of Design Undergraduate students in their third of fourth year of study, or students at the Master’s level. Three students, Edwina MuiMinju Roh, and Tanveer Sobnack were selected to participate in this project.  

With a general understanding of the DesignTO identity, the design process began with research, pulling inspiration from the existing DesignTO logo, the city of Toronto, and the work of other artists. After completing their research, the team began brainstorming and mood boarding design ideas and mapping out the purpose of the design.

Learn more about this collaboration at DesignTO’s blog.

DesignTO is Canada’s largest annual celebration of design with over 100 exhibitions and events forming Toronto’s design week, January 17–26, 2020.