Introducing The Resource Hub: JLABS Meets J&J Procurement’s Roster of Vendors

At JLABS, we’re empowering the world’s most forward-thinking entrepreneurs and scientists to innovate quickly by connecting them with what they need to take their brilliant ideas from scribbles on cocktail napkins to medicine cabinets across the world.

That not only means no-strings-attached access to facilities like labs, specialized equipment, and secure meeting rooms, but to those critical intangibles that can make or break a young business.

Today, we are taking that a step further. We are delighted to announce the launch of the JLABS Resource Hub, a network of vendors strengthened through a new partnership with Johnson & Johnson Procurement . This partnership will not only give JLABS companies access to special pricing and services but will help accelerate innovation by making obtaining this wide array of resources much easier for them.

As the name suggests, the Resource Hub is a community of vendors that will offer discounted pricing to JLABS going forward.

Our Procurement and JLABS Operations teams have been working closely together to add suppliers to the Resource Hub. PerkinElmer was the first to join, but others soon followed suit, including cSubs , a woman-owned company that connects corporate and institutional clients to the content they need  (who were at the JLABS CEO Summit). Many others have been added since, from small, specialized companies to international giants and household names, and we hope many more are on the way.

So far, 46 vendors have signed up to be a part of the Resource Hub, with 60 expected to be on the Hub by the end of the year. These vendors run the gamut of the life sciences process, from R&D to business solutions.

It’s easy to see the benefit the Hub is going to have to JLABS resident companies.

The Resource Hub should enable resident companies to streamline their processes. They won’t have to take precious time locating vendors. The Hub will take care of that.  All they need to focus on is their work, and that means a faster path to innovation.  

For vendors, the benefits are no less important. JLABS companies are the vanguard of life sciences innovation. The Resource Hub lets vendors establish relationships to these future leaders early on. This could be the start of many fruitful relationships

 Procurement’s mission is “Shaping Supplier Solutions that Transform Healthcare,” and by enabling JLABS companies to innovate faster, they continue to work towards this vision. We are very excited to watch the Resource Hub grow in the future and witness firsthand the effect it has on driving innovation.

Thank you to all our resident companies, vendors, and Procurement for making this happen!

*If your business is interested in joining the Resource Hub, have a look at the Vendor Intake Form located on the public website.