The Canada Media Fund (CMF)  supports Canadian businesses developing, producing, and marketing innovative interactive digital media content and software applications. The program provides repayable government funded advancements to support innovative media projects that deliver a valuable end-user experience.

Through CMFs’ Experimental Stream Innovation Program, businesses can receive between 50-75% coverage of eligible project costs to a maximum $300,000 – $1,000,000 in repayable funding and/or advances. The Innovation Program is divided into three funding streams: (1) Development, (2) Production, and (3) Marketing and Promotion. Canadian software developers can access government funding to help extend cash flow and develop a compelling final product.

To access Canadian government funding, interested businesses must apply by the CMF Experimental Stream Innovation Program’s Fall 2017 application intake deadlines. Each stream has been assigned a specific closing-date:

CMF’s Experimental Stream Innovation Program will be accepting applications for its Production stream until September 26, 2017, in addition to accepting applications for its Development and Marketing and Promotion streams until October 24, 2017.

Canada Media Fund Experimental Stream – Innovation Program: Funding for Digital Projects

The Canada Media Fund Experimental Stream’s Innovation Program offers three unique repayable funding streams to support software developers. Canadian businesses can apply for funding under the following streams to enhance their digital media projects:

  1. Media Development: Up to 75% of costs to a maximum $300,000 for the planning of media products. Ideal projects include storyboarding, market assessments, writing scripts, creating prototypes, and performing feasibility studies.
  2. Media Production: Up to 75% of costs to a maximum $1,200,000 to produce media projects. Ideal projects include filming, animating, editing, and coding tasks.
  3. Media Marketing and Promotion: Up to 75% of costs to a maximum $400,000 for media project promotion. Ideal projects focus on strategic marketing activities, including creation of marketing campaigns and testing advertising materials.

Business Eligibility Criteria

Canada Media Fund Experimental Stream’s Innovation Program provides funding for digital media projects to:

  • Canadian businesses; or
  • Public or private Canadian broadcasters that are licensed by Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications (CRTC).

Please Note: Businesses that maintain at least 40% female representation have a greater chance of receiving CMF funding.

Project Eligibility Criteria

The CMF Experimental Stream’s Innovation Program will provide Canadian government funding to support projects:

  • Produced in Canada;
  • With a minimum of 50-75% of eligible project expenses paid in Canadian dollars;
  • Containing the development or promotion of digital media content and/or application software;
  • Demonstrating innovative and interactive subject matter that’s connected to the Canadian cultural sector; and
  • Remaining under Canadian ownership throughout the production process.

Successful Projects Funded by the Canada Media Fund Experimental Stream

The Canada Media Fund has supported a range of innovative software application and digital media projects. Some of the program streams’ recent success stories include:

Development Stream

The Development Stream provides funding and/or advances to carry-out strategic planning of digital media content and conceptualization of new products/applications. CMF funding can be used to support projects such as storyboarding, market assessments, and creating prototypes.

Some recent project examples include:

  1. Action Heroes: Hibernum Créations Inc. awarded $472,500 to develop a new, competitive multiplayer action game that incorporates 3D features and the ability to battle with up to 5 other users.
  2. Airships: Radial Games Corp. awarded $243,637 to develop a 50-level virtual reality game that requires users to solve puzzles. The game will be designed for Sony Playstation 4 gaming consoles.

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Production Stream

The Production Stream provides funding and/or advances to assist with the production of innovative interactive media products and applications. CMF’s contributions can be used to offset the cost of filming, animating, and editing content to accelerate its market readiness.

Some recent project examples include:

  1. Ace Arena: Cyber Revolution: Spearhead Games awarded $1,000,000 to produce a bilingual multi-player sports game that relies on team synergy and individual skills.
  2. N.N.E: Gamesbymo Inc. awarded $369,279 to produce a sci-fi game that includes puzzles and critical thinking. The game has been designed for consoles such as Sony Playstation, Nintendo Wii U, Windows, and Apple macOS.

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Marketing and Promotion Stream

The Marketing and Promotion Stream supports marketing activities such as campaigns, market testing for advertising, and localization for market-ready products. Program participants can use the stream’s funding to promote innovative content across Canada.

  1. 2Life Marketing: 2 for Life Media Inc. awarded $224,873 to promote its consolidated communication platform where two users can exchange documents, messages, and calendars in a private forum.
  2. Afterland: Imaginary Games Inc. awarded $280,161 to market a virtual collectible card game that incorporates surreal and expressionistic themes. The mobile game has been designed for iOS and Google Play.

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Applying to the Canada Media Fund Experimental Stream Innovation Program

To get started with the CMF Experimental Stream’s Innovation Program, applicants must submit a comprehensive application package (approximately 25 -35 pages) that includes project budget and timelines. Interested businesses are encouraged to begin preparing project proposals now to ensure they meet the program’s cut-off dates.

Application Intake Deadlines for Fall 2017

Media Production:

  • September 26, 2017

Media Development:

  • October 24, 2017

Media Marketing and Promotion:

  • October 24, 2017

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