This past weekend in Toronto, five women founders pitched to a room of 100 people for the the first-ever #MoveTheDial hackathon.

The five founders included Erica Pearson, co-founder and CEO of the Vacation Fund; Sophie Perceval, co-founder of Wondereur, Emma Harris, CEO of Healthy Pets; Maayan Ziv, CEO of AccessNow; and Ann Poochareon, co-founder and COO of Little Robot Friends.

In the end, Ziv took the top prize of $10,000 for AccessNow. “Within a very short time, #Movethedial has already created meaningful impact for my journey as a female founder building my first tech company,” said Ziv. “Leading by personal example, Jodi [Kovitz] has recognized the true meaning of sponsorship and has put into action the creation of an authentic support system for women like myself. I have never felt the kind of powerful backing that #Movethedial is generating.”

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