Next 36 alumni venture Bridgit, offering a project management platform for construction businesses, has announced its second product, Bridgit Bench, a resource planning tool, that is now publicly available.

Bridgit originally made reference to “an upcoming product” in its $6.2 million Series A announced in March. The company conducted a “stealth launch” of the product, Bridgit Bench, in February to a small group of prospects and two weeks ago, officially launched it on its website. The new product was designed to eliminate the headaches around Excel spreadsheets, through a platform that consolidates team data, aiming to streamline the process of managing projects and teams.

“Bridgit has built a strong foothold in the North American construction market with Bridgit Field, our inspections and punch list management platform,” said Bridgit CEO Mallorie Brodie. “Achieving a strong product-market fit with our initial offering was imperative before broadening our product offering for the construction industry. Now, we are thrilled to announce the release of Bridgit Bench, a resource planning platform built specifically for the construction vertical.”

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