In an effort to design a fairer assessment tool for recruiters, Toronto startup Nugget is using artificial and escape room-like exercises to ensure candidates have a solid understanding of key concepts needed to excel at the role they’re applying to.

The unconscious cognitive biases that affect how we interpret people and situations have been a trendy topic as of late, and the world of hiring is an apt test-bed. It’s plausible to think that employers are missing out on potential superstar candidates through snap judgement and unconscious decision-making.

But Toronto’s Nugget is aiming to change that.

The startup has designed what it calls a fairer assessment tool to streamline the recruitment process using artificial intelligence.“We wanted to provide a platform for universities and employers to assess students and candidates through bite-sized learning opportunities,” explains Mariam Walaa, who co-founded the platform alongside Ali El-Shayeb, while both undergrads at the Schulich School of Business.

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