NEXT Canada recently released a survey that asked their alumni a list that includes companies like North, Setter, Intuitive, inkbox, Bridgit and more about what the talent landscape will be over the next year.

As 2019 begins, many entrepreneurs are hopeful it will be a year of growth and expansion. Despite showing some stagnation towards the end of 2018, the Canadian tech industry continues to flourish with newly minted venture funds and equity rounds for startups.

The last year was good to Canadian tech with several funding rounds topping nine figures. When it comes to established brands setting up shop in Canada, 2018 was a bit of a weird year. In November, it was finally revealed that Amazon would skip Toronto as the choice for their second headquarters. This came after a year-long search and dozens of think pieces, studies and comprehensive research on how the move might affect the Canadian economy. Leaders in the tech scene reacted with differing views and there was no shortage of sound bites to pick up on.

“Putting up walls and keeping people out has never been Canada’s strategy,” says Sheldon Levy, CEO of NEXT Canada, in regards to the Amazon decision. “I think Canada’s strategy is making people feel that this is a place for people to grow. That said, the wealth of our country will not be made by Amazon coming here. It might create jobs, but the wealth is having great Canadian companies become the Amazons of the future.”

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