If I told you one of the most influential people making an impact on the NHL is a 6-foot-1 Canadian who sees the game in a way not many do, who comes to mind?

You might consider a hotshot goal scorer or playmaker. Or maybe a coach or a front office executive who is evaluating the game differently.

But there are few changing the game like Meghan Chayka and her sports analytics company, Stathletes. Since onboarding their first NHL team in 2012, Stathletes has been one of the leading innovators in data tracking, analysis and the use of numbers in making qualified hockey decisions.

Chayka, a co-founder, describes Stathletes as more than just a data company. The company has grown exponentially since opening its doors in 2010 and now has a global footprint. Stathletes tracks data in over 22 leagues including all three CHL leagues and the NCAA.

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