Jana Zaibak, founder of Nomz Organic in Toronto, says that vegan certification is one of the key attributes drawing consumers to her healthy energy bites. In fact, she makes sure all certifications (e.g. vegan, gluten free, organic) are displayed on the front of her packaging. “That was intentional to put all our marketing claims on the front.”

When the first stores agreed to carry her product, she says, “I was over the moon when we had a dozen stores. We thought we had made it. Now we’re in a little over 500 stores, and available on Amazon in both the U.S. and Canada.”

Zaibak is now part of the 2018 Next Founders program in Toronto, where she is working on a line of vegan ice desserts that will be launching later this year. “The business is growing every month, which makes us really excited,” she adds.

But Zaibak also wants to make sure she paces herself. “We built a solid, steady foundation and have been self-funded. We want to stay sustainable. I see this (movement) going on for the next 50 years, so we’re not in a rush to win the market right away.”

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