Reforges’ name is inspired by a singular desire to make things better, whether that means perfecting a doorbell, a table or a television. What Murray Wu and Ella Bao, co-founders of the company, initially set out to do was “reforge” the modern electrical outlet. They developed the V.O., a safe, convenient and elegant device that connects and powers electronic devices by magnetically aligning and securing the power adapter to the outlet at any angle. 

CAMP then “reforged” Reforges itself. After consulting with CCAA’s Tony Wang, the founders realized that the V.O. technology had other potential applications. Together with CAMP and their newly hired CTO Isaac DeSouza, Reforges pivoted and turned their magnetic technology into drone-charging ports. Previously, drones were limited by their power supply. Once out of power, they needed to recharge at a central location. 

With Reforges’ technology, a drone can jump from port to port, covering a huge area of land that previously would have required human intervention or backtracking. Since joining CAMP, the company has iterated eight versions of their prototype and secured more than $5,000,000 in LOIs for their next project.