On January 31, Cambridge House will host the Cantech Investment Conference, Canada’s Largest Technology Conference for Investors! #CantechConf
This one day event will be held at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, celebrating its 5th anniversary in the heart of Toronto. Pycap Venture Partners is excited to be a media partner and exhibitor at this event as it will bring together the ‘who’s who’ of the Canadian Tech and Investor scene. With 3,500 attendees expected, and over 100 industry leading Canadian Tech Companies, Pycap has identified Cantech as the ideal platform to not only highlight its portfolio companies, but also to get an overall sense of the Canadian technology landscape to predict future trends.
Canada is on the cutting edge of technological development as can be seen by Geoffrey Hinton, a University of Toronto professor and leader in artificial intelligence (AI) at Google, who built a system that could analyze thousands of photos and teach itself to identify common objects, Vitalik Buterin, the Toronto-based founder of the revolutionary blockchain platform and cryptocurrency Ethereum, and Steve Mann, world renown grandfather of Augmented Reality (AR), to name a few. As can be seen by the Cantech agenda, topics such as “Is Canadian VR/AR World Class?”, “Blockchain: Hype or Hope?” and “Deploying AI in the Real World” will be covered in detail by an impressive group of speakers and panelists.
Some of the companies of note that will be exhibiting include ProMIS Neurosciences, Kraken Robotics and Nano One Materials. Attendees can book meetings with these companies and more through the the Cantech Deal Room. Another alternative would be to meet exhibitors and other attendees at the afterparty located at Ripley’s Aquarium.
Investors in Blockchain, Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence, and Robotics have become millionaires, yet these sectors are still in their infancy. As these sectors will be showcased at Cantech, Pycap is very much looking forward to be involved.
Register for your ticket today at http://cambridgehouse.com/e/cantech-investment-conference-2018-72 use promo code PYCAP25 for 25% off!