Pycap CEO Stuart Browne joined judges from 500 Startups, Coinchange and other VC Funds to help select a winning Fintech company for the inaugural People's Choice Award at the 2019 FINTECH & FINANCING CONFERENCE.

In its 5th year, FFCON19 remains inclusive and one of the most engaging platforms in Canada for high growth and emerging startups-scaleups, professionals, regulatory bodies and ecosystem stakeholders to launch, build, connect, invest and scale the next generation of rising stars at the intersection of finance, technology, entrepreneurship and global digital markets.

​The theme of FFCON19 is FEARLESS. The theme exudes the boldness of the fintech space where small players are challenging orthodoxy, going against convention and transforming the financial  industry with fresh insights and thinking.  Our mission is to drive all the advantages of technology to help transform the financial industry at home and abroad with innovative initiatives.

This means an emphasis on network effects, collaboration, thinking strategically and bold visions with a global appeal. If you are a fintech, blockchain, peer finance, AI innovator, investor or a company actively raising capital or key decision maker/stakeholder in technology and capital markets innovation initiatives and programs, FFCON19 is a must attend event.