The Toronto marketplace hosts around 40 incubators and accelerators. One of RIC Centre’s most important program partners, Arrow Electronics, works closely with a majority of those that focus on hardware. And so, it’s an honour that RIC Centre won the 2017 Incubator of the Year award presented by Arrow Electronics Toronto.

On why RIC Centre was chosen over other incubators, Trevor Bingham, Field Sales Manager for Arrow Toronto, said, “The RIC Centre has a unique and innovative way to support and drive their clients’ business forward. The mentorship programs and associations with local colleges and universities provides RICC with an edge and differentiator over that of many other incubators in the market. The RIC Centre is focused and dedicated to ensuring its clients are well resourced and supported to provide them with the best opportunities for success. We believe in this program and the unwavering focus on startup clients within its portfolio.”

The RIC Centre and Arrow Electronics recently partnered on the hackABILITY hackathon that concluded in early December. Arrow was able to provide teams with support, including resources for the winning team in building their assistive technology product.

Trevor also added, “The entire Arrow team is thrilled to be working alongside the RIC Centre and believe that this is a truly collaborative relationship.”

We hope to continue this relationship with Arrow into the new year and beyond and continue to work together to help support our mutual clients.