Everyone has been there.

Seeking out and finding a new job when you realize you’ve had enough of your current one. But, applying for jobs can be daunting, repetitive, boring, and most of all, unsuccessful.

More often than not, one’s résumé gets lost in the sea of other equally eligible and competitive applicants.

And it isn’t any easier for employers either. From posting numerous job ads on different job sites to sifting through hundreds of faceless résumés to scheduling repetitive first interviews.

This process is costly and time-consuming for both parties.

Meet HireUp

As a solo-founder, in 2015 Caitlyn Ngu established HireUp.

HireUp is a web-based platform that simplifies and streamlines the hiring process. The platform connects candidates and employers by matching them through their shared values, which in turn, creates a work environment suitable for both.

Caitlyn has worked for companies such as 1-800-Got-Junk?, Career Cruising, Wattpad, and currently works for Tophat. But her real aspiration is to change the recruitment and hiring process.

How it works

HireUp is the first centralized database for video résumés. Removing restrictions of time and space, they support asynchronous interviews, allowing candidates to interview anywhere and anytime.

That means candidates no longer have to use vacation days or call in sick to interview for their dream job. More importantly, video résumés let the candidate put their best foot forward.

“Most of the time when we’re put into an interview setting, we become intimidated and nervous. Video is the way to go because it allows you to be yourself, show your natural energy, without being intimidated by the interviewer in front of you,” says Caitlyn.  

Using blind compatibility algorithms, HireUp allows employers to find candidates that are a good fit to a position.  Not only does this save time, but it also helps spotlight candidates that would have otherwise been hidden in a stack of résumés.

Caitlin also believes that resumes don’t always exemplify diversity. Many companies desire diversity within the workplace but don’t always know what it looks like.

“Through video introductions recruiters can see diversity and get comfortable with it.”

Through short video introductions, candidates answer standard interview questions, which allows employers to get to know them before pursuing them. For shortlisted candidates, employers can then send them specific questions to which they then reply after business hours.

These video introductions allow applications to have some personality and enhance chances of candidates getting contacted.

Agreeing that workplace churn is a problem, Caitlin remarks that “millennials are going to job hop but it shouldn’t have to impact your business.”

HireUp can mitigate this issue and create a good fit for both the employee and employer.

Videos save employers and candidates time by not interrupting working hours, says Caitlin. Employers can keep their team on track with the hiring process by sending key players within their organization links to the videos they like. Also, candidates can complete most of the process through the comfort of their homes 24/7. This allows the in-person interviews to be saved for direct managers speeding up the hiring process.

Dragons’ Den

Recently, Caitlin got the opportunity to present HireUp on Season 13 of Dragons’ Denon a special”Side Hustle” episode.

She was seeking $250,000 for 10% of her business.

After impressing the Dragons and being complemented for her sales skills, Canadian tech titan Michele Romanow and creative genius Lane Merrifield offered her 250,000 for 25%.

Caitlin accepted eagerly and is looking forward to launching HireUp in Canada.

About the Author

Neha Verma

Communications Intern

I’m currently completing my undergraduate studies at the University of Toronto, pursuing a double major in communication, culture, information & technology and professional writing. I’m also obtaining a certificate in digital communications from Sheridan College. My role at the RIC Centre is to help write entrepreneur success stories and informative blogs for our website. I enjoy reading and writing blogs, because they’re simple yet informative. I am positive that, the experience I gain at the RIC Centre will allow me to excel as a writer and content creator.