Consumer-friendly digital innovation is the driving force behind Aviva Canada’s new partnership with the DMZ at Ryerson, the leading university-based incubator for emerging tech startups.

The partnership, which enhances Aviva’s ‘digital first’ strategy at the forefront of industry disruption, will result in innovative exchanges with entrepreneurs to bring fresh ideas to insurance at a time of rapid change across the technology landscape.

“We are extremely excited on behalf of all Aviva policy holders to partner with the DMZ at Ryerson and to show our support for the technology ecosystem by providing mentorship, connections and many other things that a startup needs to succeed,” said Ben Isotta-Riches, Chief Information Officer, Aviva Canada. “With insurance becoming an increasingly digital industry, I can’t wait to see what kind of fresh, innovative thinking these startups bring to the table for our customers.

“Technology has become a persuasive and a transformational element in many industries and verticals, including insurance. Collaborations between small and large businesses allow companies to grow, adopt new ideas and explore new challenges while exchanging invaluable experience,” says Abdullah Snobar, executive director at the DMZ at Ryerson University. “Partnering with Aviva gives us the opportunity to support our entrepreneurs and help them grow. In return, they will help Aviva succeed by bringing some creative ideas and solutions to the insurance industry.”

Aviva Canada team members and entrepreneurs from the DMZ will take part in innovation exchanges, where a committee from Aviva will evaluate new businesses ideas designed to solve gaps in the current insurance marketplace to benefit policy holders. Aviva is also investigating possible insurance solutions that will tailor to the unique and individual needs of the startup businesses.

In addition, Aviva Canada will invest in the success and growth of the startups by providing mentorship, shared spaces and social exchanges with entrepreneurs from the DMZ at Ryerson.

One of the new insurance solutions is developed by DMZ startup ClientDesk, a platform digitizing insurance by focusing on client engagement, self-service and claims support. “It’s critical to provide a consumer experience that is consistent with current technological advancements in other industries, making transactions and requests accessible at a tap of a button,” says Newton Asare, co-founder of ClientDesk. “As consumer behavior and expectation has evolved, insurance needs to embrace and adopt innovative solutions, leveraging digital tools to drive engagement and communication.”

The DMZ is a leading business incubator for tech startups in Canada. They help startups build great businesses by connecting them with customers, capital, experts and a community of entrepreneurs and influencers.

The DMZ is a partner in StartUp Here Toronto.