Around the world, children are denied basic education for reasons usually related to the collateral damage of civil wars that send teachers fleeing, natural disasters that destroy school or simply a lack of funds to provide basic educational necessities.

The Rumie Initiative is stepping into the breach. In 2013, Rumie debuted in Haiti with its open-source Android tablets that contain all relevant educational materials for elementary school students, which require no internet access. For just $50, a tablet includes lessons, videos, quizzes and textbooks that alone would cost at least $10,000 in hard copy -a library for the cost of a book. The company made a remarkable market-demand innovation- supplying products that communities demand, not what donors believe the market wants.

Since their launch, Rumie has 5,000 tablets in use; impacting 25,000+ children worldwide in 21 countries including Syrian refugee camps in Jordan and Turkey as well as Indigenous communities in northern Ontario, Canada to name a few. Currently, Rumie works with 25 NGOs who have strong local ties that help ensure sustainability of their tablets and community buy-in.


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