Written by Omar Taleb

With the 2020 Legal Innovation Bootcamp kicking off on Monday, October 19th, we reconnected with past Bootcamp participants for a chance to offer personal insight on the program. 

Jenny Ge is a graduate student in the Faculty of Arts studying public policy and administration, with a master’s thesis on the commercialization of scientific discoveries in Canada. 

Holding a dual BSc in Biology, Honours Business Administration (HBA), and a Minor in French Studies from Western University, Jenny used the Legal Innovation Bootcamp to take her learning outside of her Ryerson graduate studies classroom. 

Tell us about your experiences with the Legal Innovation Bootcamp.

The Legal Innovation Bootcamp was a great experience and I would encourage more graduate students to apply. My cohort started in September 2019, so it was perfect timing to learn about entrepreneurship at the beginning of the school year.

The sessions were informative and we had plenty of time for group work to build our product. I’d definitely recommend the Legal Innovation Bootcamp to incoming and returning students. It really helped me get my foot into the entrepreneurial ecosystem here at Ryerson.

What was your favourite session and why?

My favourite sessions were related to the problem discovery phase of building our solution. We learned about the importance of applying the “5 Whys” to really get at the root of a problem. I really liked this part because I’m a naturally curious person who already asks too many questions, and this just gave me a reason to continue asking them!

How did the Legal Innovation Bootcamp help you develop professionally?

The Legal Innovation Bootcamp was a very hands-on and practical learning experience. The facilitators and mentors were all approachable and available to help answer questions throughout the term.

The Bootcamp put an emphasis on exposing students to how technology can transform the legal profession, which I found to be helpful because I could relate it back to my own industry, the healthcare and life sciences industry as it’s digitizing.

Working with a group of new people also helped me develop professionally and practice skills related to team management, project management, and effective communication.

Is there anything else you’d like to say to the incoming Bootcamp cohort?

Have fun with the sessions and learn as much as you can! Take advantage of the LIZ staff, they’re super knowledgeable and have a wealth of expertise for you to tap into.

To reach Jenny, connect with her on Linkedin.

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This interview has been edited and/or condensed for clarity.