After working with GIMME360 over the past year, I have been able to learn some of the most important lessons in business. I truly believe that I have learned more about the real world in this short year then all my time taught about it at school.

To be specific I will give you my three T’s that every new or experienced CEO should follow. They have been derived from my experience starting and exiting GIMME360.


Nothing is more important than the right team. But what does right mean? We hear this same thing all the time. Right means to me that everyone has their own specific strengths and at the beginning they do not overlap. Right also means having people who have good intentions,  values and ambitions for the company to succeed. You cannot work with just random friends who want to make a company there must be a structure. My favourite example of creating the right team was told by Jack Ma. He said the right team is not the most qualified, expensive. The right team is the people who believe in the mission and can directly contribute to creating it. At the early stages you cannot afford to have someone who will not directly help create the dream or the vision.


Every entrepreneur must be able to put in the time and truly enjoy spending that time. But what often gets confusing about this one is the type of time you must put in. You can’t simply just put in time and expect a result, you have to put in meaningful, productive and smart time. For example at the beginning of their entrepreneurial careers Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak worked for a famous gaming company called Atari. They were given the task of creating a highly complex game that should have taken them months but were only 4 days to do it. Obviously they completed it because of 2 things, they were there perfect team and they put in the right time. They stayed up all 4 nights and they were able to do it because they were very productive and used their time very efficiently.


Synonyms to Tenacity are words like Perseverance, Determination and Persistence and boy oh boy you will need a ton of this. Now if you’re able to build the right team and put in the right time, none of it will matter if you don’t have the Tenacity to turn it into something.  You gotta believe what you’re doing will work with every bit of bone in your body or your not going go get anywhere. You have to confidently and fiercely present it to anyone even if it is Warren Buffet or the Queen. You can have anything, but if you don’t have the Tenacity it won’t turn into something huge.

These are just some of the important lessons that I have learned from my ongoing entrepreneur journey and I am sure there are more to come.

Without organizations who believe in young entrepreneurs like the Brookfield Institute and Zone Learning, I don’t know how I would have gotten any of my ambitions started or where I would be today without them.