Matt Carlsson and Matthew Tokarik are both engineers and graduate students in applied science here at Ryerson. Enrolled at Zone Learning’s Clean Energy Zone, this duo developed 2ND LOT — a start-up focused on sustainable building design.

Prior to co-founding 2ND LOT, Carlsson had familiarized himself as an engineer in the automotive and sports industries and Tokarik worked in transportation. Individually, they gained experience in their respective work but also gained a desire for change in their careers. Carlsson decided to enrol into a sustainability home design course, which would later proved to be the catalyst that jettisoned him into graduate school, where he enrolled in Building Science at Ryerson. Tokarik desired more creativity in his work and found himself on a similar trajectory of returning to university to study Building Science at Ryerson.

It was during their graduate studies that 2ND Lot was devised. Tokarik sought out Carlsson to come work with him in developing a sustainable, building design start-up. Together they partnered their experience, innovative ideas and penchant for creativity and enrolled into the Clean Energy Zone

2ND LOT provides energy and sustainability consulting services to architects, developers, and engineers in the green building industry, with a particular focus on small and medium-sized buildings in Toronto. Founded in 2014, their work aims to address the rising impact of the building development environment and the effect that building culture has on energy performance. Tokarik and Carsson have created a venture rooted in the Passive House design philosophy. Their focus is on improving energy efficiency in the buildings erected around us. Through consultations and intimate understanding of building regulations, 2ND LOT is implementing energy efficient technical integrations into building design.

There work can be found in Canada and the United States, where their design philosophy has been utilized in Denver, Colorado, and here in Ontario. To learn more, here is a comprehensive document on their venture’s philosophy of developing responsive energy modeling for high performance building design. If you have an energy solution you want to share and further develop, we encourage you to peruse the Clean Energy Zone’s website to learn more.