Worried about procuring unfortunate sweat stains on your silk blouse, or are you avoiding wearing a certain pantsuit because dry cleaning diminishes its quality? Nudy Patooty deeply understands this pain and offers a solution.

Michelle Shemilt is the founder of Nudy Patooty, an undergarments clothing line designed to keep dry clean only clothing cleaner, for longer. Having started out in Finance, an industry with a dress code of pantsuits, blouses and other corporate wear, Michelle found herself paying an average of 200 dollars a month in dry cleaning fees. Looking to slough-off these costs while maintaining the quality of her pricier garments, Michelle sought an undergarment that protected her clothing from sweat and everyday-wear. Her search was deemed unsuccessful but sparked her own burgeoning desire to develop a practical, comfortable solution to this problem.

After leaving her career in Finance, Michelle did the ground work, research, and product development to bring a solution to the market. She launched Nudy Patooty — a venture out of Ryerson University’s Fashion Zone in the Zone Learning program. The objective behind this clothing line, as mentioned on the Nudy Patooty website, is to save the consumer time and money. Perspiration and antiperspirant stains are permanently damaging to your clothes. Nudy provides undershirts that are designed to protect and extend the life of your clothes and save you money by reducing the need for dry cleaning services. Using their patented Sweat-Secret design, these garments have sweat protective technology weaved into their fabric. Rather than take clothes to cleaners, Nudy Patooty users simply have to launder their Nudy Patooty undergarments and can place their work wear back in their closets.

Michelle Shemilt partnered with Ilona Hurren to expand Nudy Patooty. Their hard work has earned them multiple government grants for entrepreneurship and also $100,ooo from an excellent Dragon’s Den pitch made by Michelle in March of this year. Learn more about Nudy Patooty through the link to their website.

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