Seokhoon Jun is the founder of STADIUM, a Toronto-based nonprofit using soccer to build community for immigrants looking to develop connection and familiarity here in Toronto. And to satiate the wit of pun-lovers everywhere, Jun recently presented on STADIUM for WE Day to a packed stadium at Toronto’s Air Canada Centre.

Jun brings people together through soccer; and for Jun, soccer holds intimate significance. Having had emigrated from South Korea as a child, Canada was filled with overwhelming unfamiliarity for a newcomer. Soccer helped develop a sense of place and belonging for Jun that eased his adjustment into a new country, community and school. Wanting to share this with others, Jun started STADIUM as a capstone project in the fourth year of his entrepreneurship program, here at Ryerson University’s Ted Rogers School of Management. Looking to further grow this nonprofit, extending outside of the perimeters of coursework, Seokhoon Jun brought STADIUM to the Social Ventures Zone at Ryerson’s Zone Learning network. While incubated at Social Ventures Zone, Jun has recently co-zoned with iBoost zone  to further develop this nonprofit.

At WE Day, Jun shared with a boisterous crowd of Canadian youth the impetus behind his startup: “I was inspired to launch STADIUM for people who are new to Canada so they can connect through sport.” WE Day advocates for youth to do good in the world, which includes participating in social initiatives taking place in your local community. WE Day was the perfect platform for a social venture, like STADIUM, to share how partnering one’s altruistic core beliefs with a business plan can improve the world around them.

To quote STADIUM’s bio on the SocialVentures webpage: “By developing and providing opportunities to play, interact, grow, learn, and most importantly to have fun. Our goal is to ensure that everyone in our communities have an easy and affordable access to quality soccer programs that support their physical and personal development.” STADIUM is currently looking at ways to further encourage participation and accessibility for its adult, youth and child participants.

Congratulations to Seokhoon Jun for being featured at WE Day 2017. If you want to learn more about STADIUM take a look at their website or bio on the Social Ventures Zone’s web page. They’ve also been featured in Ryerson Today. Learn more about Social Ventures and iBoost zones, here and here.