Back in April our client Korechi Innovations Inc. had the great opportunity of having their product showcased live on CityLine TV.
Their product RoamIO was presented on the show by Frank Ferragine AKA “Frankie Flowers” who is known for his expertise in gardening and Tracy Moore, the show’s permanent host since 2008. RoamIO is an autonomous robot enabled with artificial intelligence and high-precision spatial awareness to automate the most mundane tasks in turf and farm care with a high degree of reliability.
Since being featured on the show, Korechi shared with us that they have been gaining more recognition among their key stakeholders and are finding that people know about their product before they need to explain what RoamIO does.  
So, how did Korechi gain an amazing opportunity like this?
Well as cliché as it sounds, they were in the right place at the right time. When speaking with, the Founder & CEO of Korechi, Sougata Pahari, he shared with me that the team including their Golf Industry mentor Jim Clark, happened to be demonstrating RoamIO at the Dentonia Park Golf course in Toronto when they bumped into ‘Frankie Flowers’. After spending time discussing what they did, Frankie extended an invitation to feature RoamIO onto CityLine.
This was an amazing opportunity for the team and when we asked Sougta what key thing did he take away from the whole experience he said: “Luck favours the prepared, you have to be prepared for every situation so that when opportunities like this come along you are ready”.
To see the clip of the team on the show click here.