Building on the City of Toronto’s successful delivery of the Starter Company Program that has helped 275 entrepreneurs launch and grow their business in Toronto, the Province of Ontario and the City have launched the Starter Company Plus Program.

The program provides training, mentorship, advisory support and a grant ranging from $2,500 to $5,000 to entrepreneurs in a number of targeted sectors, and is open to those 18 and over.

To ensure entrepreneurs get access to the right resources for their companies, the Starter Company Plus Program will have a number of streams:

• Starter Company Plus – Creative Arts: Delivered in partnership with Artscape and focused on helping artists and designers develop and launch their businesses.

• Starter Company Plus – Digital Main Street: Delivered in partnership with CampTech and focused on helping main street businesses develop and implement a digital transformation plan.

• Starter Company Plus – Fashion Business: Delivered in partnership with the Toronto Fashion Incubator and focused on helping fashion businesses build and scale.

• Starter Company Plus – Food Venture: Delivered in partnership with Food Starter and focused on supporting food processing companies take their products to market.

• Starter Company Plus – StarterSpace @Crossways: Focused on helping Ontario Works clients develop and launch their businesses.

• Starter Company Plus – Small Business: Focused on helping traditional small business (trades, consultants, retail, etc.) start and grow their businesses.

• Starter Company Plus – Technology Startup: Delivered in partnership with Founder Institute and focused on helping early stage technology entrepreneurs develop their companies.

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Written by Dale Nguyen

Dale Nguyen
Digital Marketing Coordinator , startGBC
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