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March brings us spring and a renewed lease of life in the environment around us.  Traditionally this time also sees a lot of activity in the renovation sector, so what better time of the year to celebrate and showcase an entrepreneur who’s got your back when it’s time to renovate.

Tom Cordeiro is Chief eRenovator, who founded – a home-grown Canadian company that helps homeowners hire Bonded Contractors so that peace of mind is guaranteed.

Tom brings 18+ years of experience in the digital space, having helped many traditional businesses transition into the digital flow.  He also spent 12+ years studying the renovation industry, which led to the creation of Toronto based  Tom prides himself on successfully aligning with industry leaders that helped expand industry boundaries to curate the eRenovate Guarantee.

The eRenovate Guarantee provides homeowners with peace of mind like never before, by matching their projects with Bonded by eRenovate™ Pros. It’s safe, and free.

What made you want to become an entrepreneur?

Entrepreneurs are innovators.  But only persistent entrepreneurs bring their ideas to life.  I love the opportunity to help others, and to go for it with nothing stopping me!  That provides a rush that is tough to duplicate. With eRenovate, there is always a mile-long to-do list.  Every day presents new challenges and new opportunities to keep me on my toes and be at my best.

A mentor and inspiration of mine, Geoff Dawe, was an entrepreneur.  I too wish to serve as a role model one day to someone. Success serves as motivation and inspiration for others.  Entrepreneurship provides me with that scope.

Moreover, I can adjust my schedules to cater to my family.  Finally, with entrepreneurship, you get what you put in.  I’m always willing to work hard, and as an entrepreneur I’m rewarded accordingly, unlike working for someone else.

Why eRenovate? 

We believe that homeowners have enough to worry about, in their lives and with their home. So we help avoid hiring bad contractors, when improving their biggest investment – their homes.  Plus, our platform helps understand their home’s energy use, then helps decide which upgrades are best to perform, to increase the energy efficiency of their home, and reduce their carbon footprint.

What success have you enjoyed so far?

Getting recognition from industry leaders, and from homeowners who thank us for our unique service.  Similarly, over to the other end of the spectrum, compliments from trustworthy contractors who want to be part of our community of extraordinary Pros.  These are definite highlights in my entrepreneurial journey. 

Any advice for aspiring entrepreneurs?

Persistence. Run your own race. Be true to your vision.  Don’t get distracted by the ‘nay-sayers’. Be loyal to your Dreams.  Enjoy the highs, learn from the lows.  Celebrate your Achievements!

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