Staying up-to-date on current trends and opportunities can provide businesses with first-hand knowledge and resources to support a competitive advantage.

One way to stay a step ahead of your competition is to participate in an upcoming Ontario small business event.

Throughout March, business professionals may participate in small business events across Ontario. Attendees will have an opportunity to network with industry experts, discuss recent business trends, and discover Ontario government funding opportunities to foster business growth and development.

Mentor Works’ team of Government Funding Planners will be attending numerous Ontario small business events this month; join us to learn about Ontario business growth strategies, including government grants to implement training programs, purchase innovative machinery, and explore export markets.

Ontario Small Business Events to Attend in March 2017

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March 1 – AceTech Ontario Sponsors Event (Members Only)

(Toronto, ON)AceTech Ontario is a non-profit organization that offers an exclusive networking community for Ontario technology companies. AceTech provides an outlet for its members to engage in meaningful conversations, network with other industry leaders, and attend insightful events.

On March 1, AceTech Ontario will be hosting a networking event for their membership base. The event will provide member-businesses with an opportunity to network with industry experts and develop business relationships and collaborations. Mentor Works will be in attendance to discuss government grants for technology development/adoption.

March 3 – AMI Food & Beverage Convention Niagara 2017

(Niagara Falls, ON) – The Agri-Food Management Institute fosters industry growth by promoting business management practices, collaborations, and innovations amongst agri-food producers and processors. The organization provides tools and educational services to help agri-businesses enhance their management skills and determine viable solutions to increase company profits.

AMI’s Food & Beverage Convention is a two-day event dedicated to connecting Ontario agri-businesses and industry partners with resources to enhance their operational efficiency. Keynote topics will cover food safety regulations, strategic planning, and export strategies for small and mid-sized businesses. This event will bring together over 400 industry members to help food and beverage businesses grow and expand their operations.

March 8 – Building a Proactive Funding Plan™ Lunch & Learn

(Guelph, ON) – The Guelph Chamber of Commerce was established in 1827 and has been serving local businesses for the past 180 years. They help address current challenges businesses may be facing and works towards determining a feasible solution that will spur economic growth.

On March 8th, during the Guelph Chamber of Commerce’s Government Funding Lunch & Learn, Mentor Works will present how to build a Proactive Funding Plan™ that aligns your business’ upcoming projects to readily available funding programs. The presentation will focus on how to strategically evaluate your upcoming projects to understand which are most suitable for funding, and how to leverage the most amount of government funding possible.

March 22 – OAC’s Beyond the Barriers Research & Technology Event 2017

(Toronto, ON) – The Ontario Aerospace Council (OAC) is a non-profit industry organization dedicated to expanding Ontario’s aerospace industry. OAC is comprised of over 200 member companies, representing over 70% of Ontario’s aerospace industry.

Beyond the Barriers will provide local manufacturers with the knowledge and resources to foster collaborative partnerships. The event will highlight opportunities to help expand your business through partnering with colleges and universities or supplier networks, and government grants to support collaborative project costs.

Mentor Works’ President and Owner, Bernadeen McLeod, will be in attendance to inform aerospace businesses about potential funding opportunities.

March 23 – CME SMART Green Program Funding for Manufacturers

(Belleville, ON) – The Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters (CME) Association strives to boost the competitiveness of Canadian manufacturers in domestic and global markets. CME was established in 1871 and has grown to become Canada’s leading trade and industry association, representing over 10,000 companies.

CME’s SMART Green Program Funding for Manufacturers is a free information session to discuss the CME SMART Green Fund’s funding guidelines and application process. Ontario-based manufacturers will learn how funding can support technology and process improvements to reduce their company’s GHG emissions.

March 28 – Incorporating Artificial Intelligence into Your Business

(Toronto, ON)AceTech Ontario will be hosting an information seminar to discuss why businesses should consider investing in Artificial Intelligence (AI). Keynote speakers will discuss how companies are currently incorporating Artificial Intelligence into their daily business routines to increase business value and market competitiveness.

Artificial Intelligence is helping businesses become more innovative by changing the way companies operate. During the Incorporating Artificial Intelligence into Your Business event, attendees will learn how to embrace AI technology, discover recent success stories, and network with industry experts.

[Webinars] Ontario Government Funding for Small Businesses

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March 8 – Workforce Hiring & Training Grants

(Webinar) – Businesses must continuously seek ways to develop a robust and productive workforce. Providing training programs for your employees is often the best way to gain new skills and abilities, and will lead towards the development of a sustained competitive advantage.

Through this webinar, Mentor Works will identify a breadth of Canadian government funding programs for hiring and training, including:

  • Training Grants: Upskilling new and existing employees can be a costly undertaking for small and mid-sized businesses. Therefore, employers should access small business training grants to reduce these costs and gain the ability to provide training consistently. Government funding allows employers to offset up to 66% of third-party training costs (up to 83% if less than 50 employees) up to $10,000 per trainee for new and/or existing hires.
  • Hiring Grants: When identifying hiring grants, businesses should prepare for a funding landscape that is different than previous years. Some well-known programs to hire recent graduates may not be available this year, and because of that, businesses will need to adapt their hiring strategies. Funding is still available to hire new employees, the key is understanding where to look.

March 20 – Green Technology Grants for Business

(Webinar) – The Green Technology Grants for Business webinar will provide attendees with insight into cleantech funding programs designed to help businesses develop or commercialize clean technologies. Manufacturers within energy-demanding industries will gain insight into current funding opportunities to help reduce GHG emissions, improve energy efficiency and energy conservation, as well as decrease a company’s carbon footprint.

One of the programs to be discussed during this webinar includes the CME SMART Green Fund, providing up to 50% of eligible expenses to a maximum $200,000 per facility. Small business grants will cover the adoption of clean technologies that reduce greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) per unit produced.

Access Ontario Small Business Grants to Accelerate Your Company’s Growth

Growth-oriented companies can begin accelerating their business investment/expansion strategies by applying for government grants and loans. The easiest way to start this process is by learning more about the funding process during one of Mentor Works’ upcoming funding presentations.


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