According to the 2019 UN Environment Programme report, the imminence of irreversible deleterious impact on the natural world as a result of climate change is immediate. Climate-related technologies face significant challenges in breaking the entrenched status quo and speeding up deployment cycles at scale. 

CDL Climate will focus on innovation areas such as renewable/alternative energy, power storage, infrastructure, transportation, carbon/methane sequestration, select water, ocean and food initiatives aligned with climate solutions, and geo-engineering. The stream will operate from CDL-Paris (HEC Paris) and CDL-West (Sauder School of Business, University of British Columbia).

CDL’s objectives-based program has already supported founders building massively scalable climate positive companies such as Clir Renewables (an AI asset management software that increases optimization for wind farms), Ionomr (ion-exchange membrane and polymer solutions), Biome Renewables (a turbine retrofit that increases annual energy production by 13%), and Ecoation (a robotic and AI platform that detects pests, diseases, and deficiencies in crops at the earliest stage). CDL Climate will scale the volume to 50 Climate focused ventures per year, addressing a range of first order climate issues.

Applications for CDL Climate will be accepted online at and are now open. Selected ventures will begin the nine-month CDL program in October 2020. To learn more about CDL Climate, please contact [email protected].