The Global Entrepreneurship Program is a two-week full time program for international students that consists of entrepreneurship, leadership, management and financial workshops; inter-cultural training; and work-integrated-learning experience with ICUBE’s start-ups. Check out our blog posts on the HR basics workshop and International Etiquette workshop. Here’s a quick run down of what our students learned:

Day 1
  • Tour UofT St George
  • Introduction to Entrepreneurship 101
  • Ideation Workshop
Day 2
  • Tour UofT Mississauga
  • Business Model Canvas (Professor Nicola Lacetera)
  • Workshop: Time Management (Mentor Luki Danukarjanto)
Day 3
  • Business Initialization & Value Proposition
  • Financial Strategy & Forecasting I
Day 4
  • Workshop: Networking (Mentor Luki Danukarjanto)
  • Workshop: Time Management (Mentor Luki Danukarjanto)
  • Financial Forecasting &Forecasting II
Day 5
  • Financial Strategy & Forecasting III
  • Workshop: Design Thinking
Day 6
  • Workshop: Pitch / Presentations (Mentor, Portia Asli)
  • Workshop: Develop Your Idea
  • Workshop: Teamwork (work on business idea)
Day 7
  • Case Assignment (work with ICUBE startups)
  • HR Basics for Entrepreneurs
  • Work with ICUBE Startups

    Day 8:

  • Presentation Coaching (InStage VR)
  • Workshop: Sales
  • Pitch Presentations
  • Graduation Reception