It is a day where the Techno teams are able to demonstrate their determination and hard work. They get to share their stories, technologies and business pitches with their peers, the Impact Centre team, Techno sponsors, and friends.

This year saw ten companies present their stories. In addition to pitching for practice the companies were also vying for the Provisional Patent Award, presented by Carbon Patent Group.

Each team was given seven minutes to define their business, explain what they do, who they help, how their business stands out from possible competitors and most importantly, describe the industry problems they’re working to solve.

Here are some pitch highlights:

  • Biohin is working to create materials from carbon dioxide pollution using natural microbes, greatly reducing emissions during the process.
  • Omgen is looking to provide people and doctors with personalized healthcare that uses your genetics to determine medication safety, tested based on high quality ethics.
  • InstaHDR is developing a technology that can detect the imperceptible, improving surveillance abilities and making the world a safer place.
  • Self-Assembled Farm wants to make fresh local food a staple in the urban environment. Using aquaponics, they’re creating greenhouse spaces for urban agriculture.
  • Cellface is a biotech company developing cell culture products to direct the fate of stem cells, making the process of drug development faster.
  • Ablewear has developed an assistive device that powers motion. It assesses and monitors your use, while also being discreet and enabling independence.
  • Arrowsoft Sports are bringing a standard of safety to archery tag. They have developed the safest arrow available on the market, keeping the game fun and injury free.
  • TissueX is developing a bioengineered system for drug developers and researchers, to provide assurance in drug safety.
  • Just Vertical is revolutionizing the way people eat. Providing fast and easy solutions for urban gardening that makes the process simple, allowing you to grow a variety of plants all year long.
  • FociDR has built a software that’s helping surgeons navigate safely through the body during surgery. Making minimally invasive surgery safer.
Techno2017 participants

Congratulations to the Techno2017 participants for a job well done!

After the pitches, Prof. Cynthia Goh, director at the Impact Centre, thanked everyone for participating while Dr. Richard McAloney and Leo Mui from the Impact Centre, along with Graham McKinnon from Carbon Patent Group, deliberated the winner of the Provisional Patent Award. The award, which grants the winner a collection of intellectual property services to file a provision patent, was awarded to Biohin.

“It’s great to see the progress that you all have made after just one week,” said Prof. Goh. “It doesn’t end here, the Impact Centre will continue to work with you, we have lots of programs and opportunities for Techno alumni.”

Heather Clayton is a Communications Intern at the Impact Centre