After a week of intense work and another week of pitch practice, Techno has wrapped up for another year. On June 15, 15 teams from Techno2018 presented their 5-minute pitches to the Impact Centre community at ONRamp.
Over the course of the program some of the teams worked to identify a market opportunity for their technology while others refined existing plans to better reach their intended customers. They all learned from experts in fields from intellectual property to market analysis and applied the lessons learned to their own innovations.

For all of the Impact Centre staff it has been inspiring to work with such a dedicated group of students and recent graduates. Their dedication to bringing science to society are examples to other researchers and scientist-entrepreneurs who want to make an impact.

While the teams are now part of an amazing alumni network of over 130 Techno teams, we will be meeting with the newest alumni to ensure that we continue to support their development and growth.

Techno2018 pitches:

HealthBridge: Many Canadians are not receiving health care in their own language, complicating the patient-doctor relationship. However, current interpretation services are either too expensive, too slow, or inadequate. HealthBridge is creating multi-lingual health background forms and a tele-health solution to ensure everyone can effectively communicate with their healthcare providers and receive the care they deserve. HealthBridge joined Techno2018 after attending the Hatchery in 2017.

Helios Skincare: Popular sunscreen on the market today contains active ingredients to both the wearer and the environment. Some have even been banned by environmentally sensitive regions such as Hawaii. Helios Skincare is developing a new mineral-based UV-adsorbing active ingredient that can protect against skin damage while keeping the wearer and the environment safe 

Honeybee: Clinical researchers spend valuable time and significant resources recruiting and screening potential subjects for their studies. Honeybee is developing an online application to help connect researchers and potential research subjects.

Aminoasis: Pharmaceutical companies are always looking for new chemistry to improve their drug discovery programs. Based on cutting-edge synthetic chemistry from the University of Toronto, Aminoasis produces new unnatural amino acids that provides drug makers the chemical diversity they need to find new and better drugs.

Memotab: With an aging population with complex medical needs, ensuring patients take the proper medication on time can be a challenge. Memotab is developing an automated pill dispenser and accompanying app that simplifies medical compliance and gives families and caregivers piece of mind.

Polymath: Math education is vital in today’s economy. Polymath is creating an app-based, gamified, and personalized math education platform for high school and undergraduate-level students to keep math education fun and engaging.

AdaptiveTek: Hands-on experiments play a key role in chemistry education; however, can be challenging or impossible for students with physical disabilities. AdaptiveTek has created a liquid dispensing system that can be used by students of any ability to ensure students of every ability are able to stay engaged in chemistry education.

NANology Labs: MRI scans play an important role in identifying tumors and diagnosing brain cancer. However, existing MRI contrast agents are either highly toxic or not effective. NANology Labs has developed a new, non-toxic MRI contrast agent that target only tumours to keep patients safe and identify tumors earlier than existing agents.

Apothecare: Pharmacists play a vital role in ensuring patients are receiving the proper medications. But conducting a medication review for a patient can take an hour and requires long and complex paperwork. Apothecare is developing a software system that would allow a pharmacist to conduct a review in 15 minutes and make the process easier for the patients.

Unplug: Over 20% of the energy used by your house is wasted. This standby power can cost a household hundreds of dollars a year. Unplug is developing an AI-based smart plug that learns when and how you use your home appliances, charge your mobile devices, and more to reduce the energy wasted by standby power.

Brightview Coatings: Dirt and grime can reduce the power generated by solar panels by up to 25%. Brightview Coatings has created a self-cleaning coating that can reduce the accumulation of these materials by 90%, ensuring we can effectively harness the sun’s energy to power our homes and businesses.

Nucleazyme: Uncovering new cancer-related genes takes years of complex work. Nucleazyme is creating kits to simplify some of the complex assays that are frequently performed by cancer researchers.

PulseAI: Detecting heart arrhythmia is a challenge for doctors and patients. While mobile electrocardiograms are helping ensure that these issues are detected when they happen, be it at home or in the office, they do not tell the patient if what they are experiencing is serious enough to go to the doctor. PulseAI is working with mobile ECG manufacturers to provide algorithms that can identify when a patient needs to seek medical attention.

Argentum Electronics: Phones, tablets, drones, even vacuum cleaners all have batteries that need to be regularly charged. Many of these devices actually contain multiple individual batteries that make up the battery pack. Argentum Electronics has created a patent-pending battery management system that allows for better power balancing and faster charging.

Thermolynx Heating: Electric vehicles are becoming more common on the roads. However, the heating elements that warms the cabin in Canadian winters, are very inefficient. Thermolynx has a new high-performance heating system that is specially designed to be energy efficient for electric vehicles to extend their range and keep passengers warm on the road.