According to some estimates, there are over 4,000 government grants and other non-dilutive funding programs available in Canada. These are organized through federal, provincial, or territorial government agencies, cities, regions, and a myriad of not-for-profits that 
have obtained funding from governmental and private sources.

In our recent Impact Brief, Physical Technologies, we examined all of the programs available in Ontario to determine how a low-TRL (Technology Readiness Level) physical technology would be able to access funding programs. Specifically, we looked for the following program characteristics:

  1. Does it apply to physical technology companies?
  2. Does it cover low-TRL activities such as prototype development?
  3. Does it provide a grant instead of a refund?
  4. Does it require matching funds from the business?
  5. Are “hard” costs, such as machines and equipment, eligible?
  6. Can anyone, both inside and outside of academia, apply?
  7. Can the funding be used anywhere, not just within specific institutions such as community colleges?

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Government grants available for physical technology companies