The Impact Centre has successfully optimized and tested an anti-dust coating for Morgan Solar’s unique concentrated solar photovoltaic technology. Dust and debris can cause significant reduction in efficiency, and this new coating will ensure that Morgan Solar’s products continue to work to their full potential.

Morgan Solar’s Sun Simba™ Concentrated Photovoltaic module and Savanna™ dual-axis tracker offer higher yields, higher capacity factors and higher returns to project owners while reducing the technical complexity of solar installations.

The project, supported by NSERC Engage as well as OCE VIP1 grants, had three goals: to determine the best coating technique, test the application of various formulations of the coatings, and characterize the coatings in the lab and in the field. These objectives were completed through collaborations between our Impact Centre in-house scientists, the lab of Prof. Cynthia Goh in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Toronto, and Morgan Solar staff.

“The development of new coatings is a longstanding area of expertise for the Impact Centre,” said Prof. Cynthia Goh, director of the Impact Centre and professor in the Department of Chemistry. “It has been exciting to see our coating technology add value to Morgan Solar’s innovative products.”

“Working with the Impact Centre staff and scientists has been a great experience,” said Dr. André Labelle, senior scientist at Morgan Solar. “Their assistance in writing grants to leverage our investment, technical expertise, and project management ensured that the project was successfully delivered. The anti-dust coating successfully reduced soiling by up to 30% over more than 1-year exposure. The performance improvements we observed are significant and impactful for the PV industry.”

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