We are excited to release the latest update to the Narwhal List, Canada’s most financially attractive private technology companies. With a record number of financings across Canada in the first few months of 2018, there are a number of new Narwhals on the list!

What’s new?

The Narwhal List ranks private Canadian companies according to their financial velocity, the amount of funding a firm has raised divided by the number of years it has been in existence. This metric tracks the ability of firms to scale up and reach world-class status. In the past, the Narwhal List has shown the top 50 Canadian firms. The updated list will show all firms that have Financial Velocity above $5 million USD per year. Also, the list will be regularly updated to reflect the most current state of Canadian private tech and healthcare firms. For an explanation of Financial Velocity and the Narwhal List you can refer to our report, The Narwhal List 2018.  


16 new Narwhals!

New additions to the Narwhal List include firms across industries and technologies, such as blockchain, healthcare, retail, and food services, and are based in cities across Canada. The new Narwhals are: Cryptokitties, Platterz, Drop, Rubikloud, Arctic Blockchain, Coinsquare, Dialogue, IGLOO Software, Frank and Oak, Uberflip, VueReal, INSTANT Financial, Fortuna Fix, Milestone Pharmaceuticals, OncoQuest Inc., and Esperas Pharma.