Techno2018 has wrapped up an exciting week of training, working, and food. While the teams are diving into their market analyses, IP strategies, and go to market strategies, we took a look into the demographics of Techno2018 participants to learn more about the next generation of scientist-entrepreneurs.

This year, we had 34 participants in 22 different teams. From these participants, 20 (59%) were male and 14 (41%) female.

The majority of our Techno2018 participants are pursuing or hold graduate-level degrees. While engineering is the most represented academic field from the participants, Life Sciences and Physical Sciences both show strong representation. Finally, while most of our participants come from the University of Toronto, we also welcomed participants from the University of Waterloo and Ryerson University. 

The teams came to Techno with a diverse range of technologies. Many of these have application in healthcare or biotechnology and cleantech, with a few that focus on technologies to improve education.

The final pitches for Techno2018 will take place on Friday June 15. We are excited to see how these teams and participants have applied the lessons from Techno to their specific technologies, and how they will use their science to make an impact on the world.