After publishing 23 reports, we have published a book! Triggers and Barriers provide a framework for understanding your customers, figuring out what triggers them to buy and what barriers get in the way of making a sale.

Based on the research and experience of Impact Centre Senior Fellow Charles Plant, the book mixes personal stories, case studies, and discussions on the challenges of creating a product that not only solves a problem but that your customers will actually buy.

If you listen closely, your customers will tell you what business you are in.”

The difference between listening and not listening is the difference between success and failure. Over 75% of all startups fail and the principle reason for failure is that there is no market need for their product. You may think you have a great business or product idea, but your success will depend on how well you understand, and listen to, your prospective customers.

Changing someone’s behavior is the hardest thing you’ll have to do, so do your homework.“

The thing about customers is that they don’t talk very loudly. Sometimes they won’t talk to you at all. They won’t tell you what they want or what you should create. They won’t tell you what triggers them to make a purchase. They also won’t tell you why they won’t buy, or what barriers get in the way of them making a purchase. They might not even know that what you have is something they need.

What you need is a framework to help you listen to customers, to understand what triggers them, what barriers stop them, and how they view your competition. That’s what this book provides: a framework to help you understand your prospective customers’ triggers and barriers – how they think, what they feel, and how your idea relates to their lives.