Six U of T Scarborough faculty receive Connaught Fund awards

Jul 4, 2016

Six U of T Scarborough faculty are recipients of New Researcher Awards from U of T’s Connaught Fund, which supports some of the most promising researchers and projects across U of T.

The Connaught Fund is an internal program that provides U of T researchers with funds to support their work.

The New Researcher Awards recognize those just starting their scholarly careers, providing support to professors within the first five years of their academic appointment at U of T, helping them to establish strong research programs and thereby increase their competitiveness for external funding. It is two-tiered structure awarding with 60 awards topped up to $10,000 and 16 awards topped up to $35,000.

This year the fund is awarding a total of $966,000 to 63 U of T researchers across a range of disciplines.

The UTSC recipients of this year’s Connaught New Researcher Award are:

  • Andre Cire from the department of management for “Decision analytics for home health care”
  • Robert Haslhofer from the department of computer and mathematical sciences for “Mean curvature flow and Willmore flow.”
  • Cendri Hutcherson from the department of psychology for “Tracking the dynamics of attention and inhibition during dietary self-control.”
  • Sara Saljoughi of U of T Scarborough’s department of English for “Burning visions: The counter-cinema of the Iranian new wave.”
  • Robert Schertzer from the department of political science for “The politics of national identity and diversity.”
  • Julie Teichroeb from the department of anthropology for “The influence of resource quality and usurpability on vervet monkey foraging decisions.”