Greatly looking forward to the interview presentation of Hamza Khan tomorrow in The Hub at the kickoff of the U of T Scarborough Entrepreneur Expo.

Join us in The Hub with Hamza Khan, noted Toronto entrepreneur.

A bit about Hamza: Hamza Khan is a multi-award winning marketer & entrepreneur. He’s the Managing Director of Student Life Network, Canada’s most comprehensive resource hub dedicated to helping and empowering millions of students across the country. He co-founded both Splash Effect, a boutique marketing & creative agency, as well as SkillsCamp, a soft skills training company. The author of “The Burnout Gamble,” Hamza has spoken at more than 50 events (including 2 TEDx events) across 20 cities and 8 countries, to more than 15,000 people. He is a faculty member at Seneca College and Ryerson University, teaching courses on digital marketing and social media.