By Lily Li

I got the chance to speak to Dikshant Batra & Nathan Tran Trinh from Nova Sentio about their latest project, Willow.

Tell me about what you guys have been working on.

Nova Sentio’s latest project is Willow, a global eCommerce solution that eliminates the inefficiencies of the current fashion industry by allowing designers to connect to their audience through the real time production of clothing. We aim to fairly compensate artisans for their passion and creativity while striving to give consumers access to a global market of goods through international shipping. Willow makes the system more transparent and fair for both the consumers and the designers.

People didn’t know they wanted sliced bread until it was made. The same thing goes for the global shopping experience, you won’t know what you’re missing until you’ve experienced Willow.

What was your motivation behind creating this project?

With the rise of fast fashion, the environment, labourers, and consumers have been exploited to their limits. Brand owners only care about cashing in big, without thinking of the impact of their actions. Designers get less than 0.1% of the value of their designs’ value over its lifetime. Consumers are frustrated by their expensive and unsustainable shopping experiences. Our motivation behind Willow stems from our intrinsic passion to break through this exploitation chain. We are offering a sustainable, fair, and efficient customer and designer experience to make it a rewarding experience for all.

Any words for the general consumer?

It is important for today’s generation to realize the concept of consumerism and its aftereffects. If we don’t think for the future generation now, then there will be none. Corporations and consumers alike need to realize that everything we do has an effect on the future of society. Through Willow, we will make progress towards a fair and environmentally conscious future.

Words for aspiring entrepreneurs?

Being an entrepreneur doesn’t require you to have a sexy idea. I think some students discourage themselves from being entrepreneurs by believing they need to have the next big idea/innovation. People should know that innovation and entrepreneurship can be separate things.

We would also encourage other students with ideas for their own startups to come to The Hub. It’s a great place to get started, and a great place to be part of if you want to create your own business.